Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hordes Minions War Hog Conversion

It's a minor conversion, but I liked doing it. This guy's up for sale on eBay as of today (6 NOV 2013) so if you like him and want him, go bid on him. :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Warmachine - Ashlynn D'Elyse, Mercenary Warcaster

Ashlynn is, by far and away, my favorite caster that I have played with yet. I love her spells. I love her feat. I love how annoyingly difficult she can be to assassinate. I just plain love her.

And her model is my least favorite. However, I recently won her alternate sculpt model in an auction on eBay, and I am WAY stoked about it. Until I receive it and have time to assemble and paint it, though, I'll probably still play with the old sculpt. A small price to pay for the awesomeness that is Ashlynn.

Warmachine - Constance Blaize

This is probably my favorite paint job on a model so far.

When I saw that intricate, beautiful filigree, I knew that Constance Blaize was the next caster for me. I plan to field her as a Mercenary caster rather than as a Cygnar caster.

So far I've only played one game with her, against a High Executioner Reznik list, and the only reason I won was because he made the terrible mistake of leaving Reznik unprotected within the walk/charge range of three or four Horgenhold Forge Guard. And a Nomad.

But hey, it was a win. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Warmachine - Mariner

I love this guy.

He's actually a pretty crappy jack when it comes to tabletop effectiveness. Any games I have won where he was in the list have been in spite of him rather than because of him. Maybe I just haven't figured him out yet? Maybe. But I love his model.

Yes, I know I missed the edge of the backdrop there... my bad. :)

May I just say right now... THE BARNACLES ARE AWESOME.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Warmachine - Gudrun the Wanderer

 I heard about this guy at my LGS one day and I looked him up when I got home - cool model, cool pose, cool abilities... so I got him. I'm feeling pretty happy with the paint job. I have yet to field him in battle, but I've got him built into a Highborn Covenant list and I'm just waiting for a chance to try him out.

 Apologies for the poor picture quality. Still trying to work things out between me and my camera. :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ogrun Assault Corps

These guys catch a lot of flak on the Privateer Press forums for being underpowered and too generalist. But I got a unit of them anyway. Why, you ask? Flavor, my friends. Flavor. That, and for some reason I have a deep love of Ogrun.

I tried to free-hand the crown and stars, which are the symbol for Llael, as I plan on running these guys in a Highborn Covenant list.

'Tried' being the operative word. :)

And here's one for a sense of scale - they're pretty big fellas. 

I'm going to name them with names starting with A, B, C, D, and E, because on the stat card it shows health boxes for 'Model A', 'Model B' and so on and so forth. I figure, why not personalize the unit and give them all names? I'm thinking of naming them all in a certain theme, like Shakespeare names, or Names of Famous
Comic Book Characters.

Presenting... Warmachine's Harlan Versh!

This guy is awesome. He's basically the Van Helsing of the Iron Kingdoms, only he has a gigantic pistol and he carries a really, really big sword.

Played him in a game of Warmachine the other night for the first time. In the second turn my opponent very unwisely left a defensive upkeep spell on a unit of Stormblades within range of Harlan Versh's quad-chamber pistol.

Harlan ignores upkeep spells. In fact, he chuckles softly to himself when he is presented with a unit with an upkeep spell on it.

In fact, if an enemy model has an upkeep spell on it, he gets bonuses to attack and damage. GOOD bonuses.

And if he hits with his first shot, he gets to shoot again. He can shoot four times this way. In Warmachine, if you manage to get four shots out of a single model, that's highly impressive. Most can only put out one.

So anyway, the Stormblades are rushing him, and Harlan is standing out to the front and center of my army, waiting for them with a deathly air of calm. He takes an unhurried aim at the armored knights coming at him, and with a sound like heaven's thunder he unleashes the purgative fury of his pistol.

When the gunsmoke cleared, the front four Stormblades had bit the dust, and the rest of them barely had time to be blinded by his sheer awesomeness before the roaring guns of the warjacks beside Versh ventilated their armor with shells the size of mangoes. Big mangoes.

By this and other acts of valor, Harlan Versh earned his spot in my army, as well as MVP of that particular game. Unfortunately, I hadn't had time to paint him, so he had to wait until tonight.

I really like painting solos. Much more than I like painting units. I'm working on an Ogrun Assault Corps unit, and it feels like it's taking forever. But a single model? I got Harlan here up to tabletop standard in an hour or two. Gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reaper Bones Unicorn Painted - Narnia Project Continues

Couldn't sleep, so I did something productive. Here he is - the somewhat finished Reaper Bones unicorn. I did quite a bit of experimenting and learning with this figure. While he didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted, I'm calling it good for tonight as it is after 2:00 in the morning.

Again, I'm feeling really pleased with the quality of Reaper's plastic line. This is my second model from that line and I have no complaints.

Here's a photo of the unicorn standing between a couple of other horse-ish models for size reference. On his right, our left, is Arwen on horseback from GW. On his left, our right, is a centaur. The unicorn is quite a bit bigger than the GW horse, and noticeably bigger than the centaur mini. While this might irritate some people, I kind of like him being so tall. It makes him look powerful.

And here again is the group, the unicorn being the seventh addition. I feel like I'm becoming a better painter as I go through this process. It'll be interesting to see the difference in paint job quality from the first figure to the last. :)

My projected Narnian army continues to grow in my mind. Through a continued scouring of the web, I've been putting together a list that includes fauns, various wild animals (including bears, big cats, deer, hawks, and mice), flying horses, dwarfs, and when the time is right, a proper Lion. I've also managed to find models that will work for Peter, Edmund, and Lucy, but I'm having some difficulty finding a suitable model to represent Susan. I'll keep searching though.

I've also begun a sister list for a White Witch army - wolves, minotaurs, Queen Jadis, etc. It's almost been as fun searching for the right minis as it has been painting them. :)