Friday, December 28, 2012

Cygnar Army - led by Kara Sloan (Alternative Bronze Color Scheme)

At the hobby shop where I've played my (very few) games of Warmachine, Kara Sloan gets me a similar reaction from most everybody.

Them. "Can I see her card?"
Me. "Sure."
Them. "Thanks."
Pause, while they read.
Them. "She has WEAPONMASTER on a RIFLE!?!"

Yeeeaaaahh.... she pretty much can kill stuff. From really far away. It's fun. I painted her in an alternate bronze armor color scheme, and went with that for the rest of my army. I like her cool anime style hair.

Here's her army so far.

The Black 13th. Their reputation is deserved - I've loved them in every game I've played with them.

Storm Blades Unit: I've only fielded this unit in one game so far, and I didn't get to play the game to the end, but these guys performed well. Sorry for the crappy lighting.

 Again, crappy lighting. But here stand my two most well used jacks: a Charger and a Hunter, both in alternative bronze. Love 'em. They both work very well with Kara Sloan - she shoots stuff, the 'jacks shoot stuff, she and the 'jacks shoot stuff together... it's a beautiful thing, really.

This is a little 'jack whose rules spell 'potential for nastiness'. Unfortunately, I've only ever used it in one game, and he got TRASHED before he did any damage. Oh well. The paint job is probably my favorite out of all the 'jacks I've done so far.

 He has JETPACKS. How cool is that? A flying giant steam-powered robot!

A unit of Long Gunners. They're okay. I'm actually not a good enough player to have used them to their fullest potential. Yet. But they definitely look cool and they were fun to paint.

Eiryss - Mage Hunter of Ios. Fairly standard character to include in any army. I gave her a fairly standard paint job - so you're not missing much in the (again) crappy lighting.

Sorry this one's so blurry - but it's the best one I have so far of Reinholdt - Gobber Spectator. He's basically Kara Sloan's right hand man. He gives her an extra shot with Spitfire, her six-foot-long rifle. VERY useful. I may post a better picture of him later. But seeing as the paint job was fairly average, at least in my estimation, it may not be worth it.

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