Monday, April 22, 2013

Virgo by Reaper Minis... as a Narnian Dryad

The sixth addition to my Narnian army - a Reaper Mini Virgo. When I saw this mini I knew that it would make a perfect Dryad - a wood nymph or tree spirit - for my Narnia project. The metal figure itself only cost me a little over two bucks, making this a fantastic and cost-effective piece. I'm really starting to like Reaper, let me tell ya.

 Next in the painting queue - another Reaper Bones product - a Unicorn. Feeling pretty stoked. In this sculpt the horn curves back. I wasn't sure if I liked that at first, but it's starting to grow on me. Not sure how I'm going to paint it yet, but I'm thinking of departing from the standard snow white to something a little more original. We'll see.


  1. She is beautiful, I love the colours that you have used.

    1. You know, interesting thing, I almost went with a fall theme - autumnal hues, reds and golds and browns, etc. But I started to paint her, and semi-consciously started to use greens. :) So I went with the flow. I guess she wanted to be a green Dryad. Perhaps if I find another dryad model I like enough I'll paint a fall dryad...

    2. So pleased you stuck with the green, she is just so different.