Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hippogriff Repurposing

Here's the next addition to my Narnian army: a Hippogriff originally from D&D minis. I re-based him, touched him up the way I wanted him to be with my own paints and put the static grass down, like I've done for the centaurs, also included in the pics. I'm just getting into the static grass, actually - and I quite like it. (I'm relatively new at this modelling hobby, you know.) I don't see myself as ever being terribly big into base work but then again, I've only just started.

I don't know if there were hippogriffs in canon Narnia armies, but there was a Griffon in the film that came out. I figure - they're fairly closely related, close enough that I can live with myself if I ask one to join the centaurs.

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